Thursday, May 27, 2004

Way to go Steve...

Well, kind of.

Steve Duin, who I rarely agree with has hit it right on here... And then wusses out.
After a misidentified, smudged fingerprint placed Mayfield in the FBI's viewfinder, the agency justified his arrest by noting that his suspicious activities included driving to a Beaverton mosque.

He was arrested because the FBI -- ignoring the reservations and warning flares set out by Spanish authorities -- couldn't be bothered to examine the original fingerprint discovered at the scene of the March bombings in Madrid.

And when the West Slope lawyer was jailed, federal agents quickly seized his files of clients "who have Arabic or Muslim-sounding surnames."

This is unconscionable and unnerving stuff. What is equally scary is the complacency with which far too many Oregonians are watching it happen.

They are complacent because they are petrified by the terrorist threat, and they would happily sacrifice Mayfield for some tenuous peace of mind. Someone has to pay the price to prevent more Sept. 11 attacks, the argument goes, though those arguers invariably insist that the someone is "someone else."

Of course he goes on to quote 2 prominent Oregon Republicans, one of which was Kreepy Manix. He makes a great point and then goes to two right-wing apologists for a response. I mean is that really doing your job as a journalist? Having the fox comment on the latest batch of killings in the henhouse.

Oh well, you can't expect too much, and of course, quoting a liberal would be biased.