Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The speech didn't work... lets try a terra warning!

Although the U.S. intelligence community says it has been concerned for some time about the potential implications for the United States of the Madrid bombings, some U.S. counterterrorism officials told NEWSWEEK they were aware of no sudden surge in “chatter”—intercepts of terrorists communications—or other indicators of a possible imminent attack. “We’re always getting new threat information, but I wouldn’t point to a steep spike in chatter” said one U.S. official. Another counterterrorism official added: “What we’re seeing is a lot like what we’ve seen before.”

I think most of us have come to recognize that this administration is quick to trot out predictions of terrorist attacks when the political going gets tough for them. Remember back in 2002, when the New York Post's headlines screamed, "Bush Knew" about 9/11? Within days administration officials were warning that it was a matter not of if, but when we would be attacked. Remember "duct tape and plastic" in February 2003? Hmmm... that's right about when the administration needed the final seal of public approval before the invasion of Iraq. Then another Code Orange last summer when the insurgency began to gain steam. Now, days after Bush's Abu..guh...Buh speech failed to stop his bleeding in the polls, surprise surprise, its imminent attack time. Don't believe the hype, bitches.