Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Berg anomalies

For the last week I've been reading about inconsistencies in the Berg video, and some other strange things about his family. I don't really like to get caught up in conspiracy theories, but there are some serious problems with the official story compared with analyses of the video.

The most obvious problem is the lack of blood. This probably means he was killed long before the beheading. This could mean the executioners didn't have the stomach to behead a living person. But these terrorists are also fat and wear western style tennis shoes. We've all seen plenty of Iraqis on TV lately and not too many are fat and none wear tennis shoes. They also carry Israeli made weapons.

Berg is wearing a jumpsuit just like the ones detainees at Abu Gharib wear. He is also sitting in a chair identical to the chairs in the infamous photos from the same prison.

It is also interesting that towards the end of the video a head that is distinctly white and with a crew cut comes into view several times. English can also be heard at the end, "Thy Will be Done".

I'm not sure how this relates, but Berg's dad and his own tower company were listed on the FreeRepublic.com enemies list.

There are plenty more, and I don't want to get in to it too much, but this needs to be investigated more. There are several sites with good analysis, but some have still captions, so I don't feel comfortable linking to them. You can find a whole list of problems here, and with no images.