Saturday, March 26, 2005

What if Terri Schiavo...

was black?

was gay?

was an Iraqi?

was elderly?

was an immigrant?

was poor?

was.... a liberal?
Behold, Terri has risen!

If there's one thing that could make Schiavo Cultists even crazier, it'll be if she dies tomorrow.
don't ask don't tell

a visitor to our site from the domain name found us by using some rather funny search requirements.

i don't know what's funnier, a guy in the marines looking to "develop a ten inch cock", or the fact that we're 27th in the search results.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


I was pretty stoked to see that John Stamos has his own TV show again. It's hard to keep down real talent.
The Military Channel

I've always kind of liked the History Channel, except you have to put up with a lot of pro-defense spending (thanks webber) shows. Shows that tell you how great the A-10 Warthog is, or the divine benevolence of the B-2 bomber. Well it looks like they have finally decided to cut out the middle man. Last night during Myth Busters I saw a commercial for the brand new Military Channel. I instantly had visions of the "Luftwaffe Channel" or maybe even the "Stasi Channel".
A nipple is bad, but a channel solely devoted to glorifying war is good, if not patriotic.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

my mayor

is better than yours. tom potter kicks fucking ass.
A proposal by the mayor could make Portland the first city to pull out of the anti-terror group
i've come to the conclusion

that you get about as much out of following politics as you do following the WWE. At least wrestling has hot chicks and the guys shave their chests.

this caps thing is kind of hard to Do
have you

ever noticed that all the cool kids on the internets never use caps. i wanna fit in, so i'm gonna try for a little bit.

i'm about to win my first thing on ebay, anything i need to know?
just thinking

sometimes i wish i could have a mistresss. not so much for the sex, but more so i could start pointless fights with the mistress and not my wife.
just thinking

Sometimes I beat off even when I dont feel like it, mainly cuz I'm bored. Is that normal?

I'm back, I broke my glasses so it's been pretty hard to blog, let alone look at internets porn. Luckily, Sheb, I mean Greenest, picked up the slack.
Too Funny
As someone who works in econometrics and statistics, all I could do was laugh at this graph. Needless to say, if I were to scale something like this in a report, I would lose all credibility....

Machine that can keep woman alive despite her wishes = GOOD

Stem cell research that may help cure diseases for people who are still alive and could have an increased quality of life = BAD

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Islamization of the Republican Party
Juan Cole
It's kinda lonely here
Am I the only one left?