Friday, March 11, 2005

90 Days

Of undetected drinking.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

There's a lot of bugs
here in the Costa Rica. n' I'm talking big ol' critters, which deserve the proper respect: insectoid companions. 'Cause they really are companions; there ain' no' gettin' away from 'em. I killed me a 2-inch cock-a-roach today, an that ain' nothin' compared to the 4-inch spiders that come out huntin' at night. Ya just don' have that kind a respect for our insectoid - neighbors - in the 'states. But waking up in the morning to a bunch a' ants carryin' away a scorpion will open yer eyes right quick.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I can't really think of any thing to write about, so I'll let the guys from the Star Wars Board do it for me. The following are in know way fabricated, or altered in any way.
The thought of Mace Windu quoting the prophecy as he's about to cut Jango's head off comes to mind...

Yeah, in ANH there was no real inkling that a romance would develop, ESB definately laid the groundwork, and ROTJ confirmed it for them and us. I really don't think GL's forte is love stories. He did however choose the correct roles for Luke and Leia' parents. It's fitting that their father was a jedi and their mother a queen/senator, I mean it would be silly to have their father, say, be a land speeder mechanic and their mother working in a blaster factory.

For you know my name is the Force when I drop my vengence on thee
The first rule of Monkey Knife Fight? DON'T TALK ABOUT MONKEY KNIFE FIGHT

I guess it's an inherent fault to their status. They're high class members of an eloquent society, watched by the rest of the galaxy; Anakin is a Jedi padawan, Amidala a regal queen-turned-senator. Creating a love story between the two while maintaining their dignity (particularly Padme's) is difficult, if not awkward. While Leia is a princess/senator, she isn't what you would call regal. Watching her being wooed by a dirty space smuggler is inherently charming... to the last.

Well when it comes to words, Anakin probably didn't get a good education on Tatooine; he probably only learned to speak Basic from his mother (makes you wonder why he didn't pick up her Swedish accent, heh heh). At the Jedi Temple, new recruits, who are usually toddlers or very young children, must be given an adequate education. While Anakin was relatively fluent in the language, he probably didn't know any history or science or maybe even how to write, so I assume Anakin learned more here. Throw in the fact that for a good 10 years he remained obsessed about that pretty girl from Naboo, he probably spent many a lonely night thinking of what he'd say if he ever met her again. When they finally met again, their first encounter was awkward and stumbly, but once they kissed, Anakin simply found the words that were right. Besides, he had plenty of time to think about it over dinner.

I mean, I always imagined there would be more living flesh in Vader, but just the head and spine? He could use at least SOME organic internal organs...

Who the fuck is Mace Windu?
Counter Recruiters

Further evidence that this is still a great country. Link

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Is it really gone?
I keep thinking, winter will be back... but... will it? I hope so.

I got up at 5:30 today for the sole purpose of letting my son watch Sesame Street.

Monday, March 07, 2005


A lot can be learned by living under President George W. Bush. Simple things, like checking with my wife and family before I make serious decisions. Having plans for all phases of a job...before I start it. Not spending money I don't have. Personal responsibility. Admitting when I'm wrong, and owning up to mistakes. Discuss problems as they happen and be willing to change, ad infinitum. Pretty much what ever he does, do the opposite and you've developed very simple, but effective rules to live by.
Deep Thoughts

by Jack Ludis Handy

I've come to the conclusion that hating the Bush Administration is not going to do me any good. It only pisses me off and forces me to take it out on people that have nothing to do with them. It doesn't mean I am going to not oppose their policies, but the mindless hatred has not gotten me too far. My overall happiness in life should not be directly proportional to the political climate of the country, because I'm looking at a pretty miserable existence if it is.
Just wondering

Is it April or May?

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Saturday sang and danced along with thousands of people in Kolkata where the Communist leader was accorded a rousing welcome. Chavez swayed to the tunes of Spanish songs dished out by a musical group at a football stadium, where about 50,000 people packed in to hear an emotional anti-imperialist speech by the Venezuelan leader. "The US can not expect to grab and enjoy all the good things in the world. We will not let that happen," Chavez, who spoke in Spanish, said to a huge roar of approval from the crowd. While Chavez spoke animatedly against "US imperialism", top Communist leaders of West Bengal, including Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattachaya, nodded and clapped, agreeing with what he said. "We will provide more oil to countries like India and China. We have come forward to help India with oil so that it can become a front ranking country in the world," he said. Thousands of people, including school students and women, waited for hours for Chavez to arrive. He was late by about two-and-a-half hours as people whiled away their time listening to Spanish songs played on a public address system. Schoolchildren waved flags of India and Venezuela.

Not that you'd know it by watching the news or anything, but Hugo Chavez has been in India. He is beginning to look like the leader of the developing world's opposition to the US. I think there are several reasons he can do this. First and foremost, he is extremely charismatic, and has so far stood the test of time.

Second, he is president of the world's fifth largest producer of oil. Oil is always sure to piss off the US. Instead of handing contracts to US multinationals, he can give them to Brazilian, or Indian companies. Chavez can provide oil contracts beneficial to the third world in order to level the playing field with the US and Europe.

Third, Venezuela is in the Western Hemisphere. The US can only try covert operations, never direct action, Latin America would never stand for it. And Venezuela's opposition is so fragmented and corrupt, covert ops are not likely to get far.

Fourth, the international policies of the US over the past 50 years (not just the past 4) have led to a number of new style leftist governments in important countries all over the developing world; Brazil, India, Bolivia, to name a few. This provides Chavez with a natural alliance. When lumped in with the OPEC countries, what's left of the old school communist countries (China, Cuba, North Korea), and a few "rogue nations", like Iran and you have an alliance of countries vastly different in makeup and belief, but all desperately poor and have felt first hand the results of US imperialism. This alliance could be nothing to shake a stick at, and also makes Chavez appear more Statesman like, and less of saber wielding strongman.

An alliance like this is unlikely, the US has succeeded for so long by exploiting the differences of the developing world. But left unchecked by the Soviets, and the inept brazenness of Bush, it's not at all impossible.

Here's some more links about the trip to India and Chavez in general, if at all interested. Here, here,here and here
Not so fast...

It was an absolutely beautiful day today and I took my Monte Carlo out for a Sunday drive in North Portland. I was feeling like the king 'till I pulled up to the corner of N Fessenden and Portsmouth. A Caprice pulled up at the exact same, this thing had wire rims, chrome everywhere, and I swear the driver was sitting in the back seat. I pretty much pissed down my leg and he drove by laughing. At least he didn't bump it on to three wheels just to rub it in.
Who'd of thought

I never would have. Life can still be fun without drugs and alcohol. I can still be just as socially irresponsible, I just don't wind up puking and sleeping on the bathroom floor.

Not puking is cool.