Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I can't really think of any thing to write about, so I'll let the guys from the Star Wars Board do it for me. The following are in know way fabricated, or altered in any way.
The thought of Mace Windu quoting the prophecy as he's about to cut Jango's head off comes to mind...

Yeah, in ANH there was no real inkling that a romance would develop, ESB definately laid the groundwork, and ROTJ confirmed it for them and us. I really don't think GL's forte is love stories. He did however choose the correct roles for Luke and Leia' parents. It's fitting that their father was a jedi and their mother a queen/senator, I mean it would be silly to have their father, say, be a land speeder mechanic and their mother working in a blaster factory.

For you know my name is the Force when I drop my vengence on thee
The first rule of Monkey Knife Fight? DON'T TALK ABOUT MONKEY KNIFE FIGHT

I guess it's an inherent fault to their status. They're high class members of an eloquent society, watched by the rest of the galaxy; Anakin is a Jedi padawan, Amidala a regal queen-turned-senator. Creating a love story between the two while maintaining their dignity (particularly Padme's) is difficult, if not awkward. While Leia is a princess/senator, she isn't what you would call regal. Watching her being wooed by a dirty space smuggler is inherently charming... to the last.

Well when it comes to words, Anakin probably didn't get a good education on Tatooine; he probably only learned to speak Basic from his mother (makes you wonder why he didn't pick up her Swedish accent, heh heh). At the Jedi Temple, new recruits, who are usually toddlers or very young children, must be given an adequate education. While Anakin was relatively fluent in the language, he probably didn't know any history or science or maybe even how to write, so I assume Anakin learned more here. Throw in the fact that for a good 10 years he remained obsessed about that pretty girl from Naboo, he probably spent many a lonely night thinking of what he'd say if he ever met her again. When they finally met again, their first encounter was awkward and stumbly, but once they kissed, Anakin simply found the words that were right. Besides, he had plenty of time to think about it over dinner.

I mean, I always imagined there would be more living flesh in Vader, but just the head and spine? He could use at least SOME organic internal organs...

Who the fuck is Mace Windu?