Thursday, May 13, 2004

Heads We Win, Tails You Lose

Frist finger on 'nuclear' button

Senate Republican leaders are considering rewriting the chamber's rules to limit what they call Democratic obstructionism that has slowed the pace of work in the Senate to a trickle.

In particular, Republicans want to eliminate the ability of Democrats to filibuster consideration of the president's executive and judicial-branch nominees, as well as bar filibusters that block the naming of conferees prior to House and Senate negotiations.

To do so, Senate GOP leaders are considering resorting to what they call the "constitutional option" and what Democrats deride as the "nuclear option" because they charge it would amount to a Republican declaration of all-out war against them.

Here's a good one later in the article:
Todd Webster, Daschle's spokesman, said: "For the majority to change the rules instead of playing fairly by them would be a colossal admission of obstinacy. What's their next power grab... replacing the president with a king?"

I would bet you can expect to see this if Dinky's poll numbers continue to fall and if it looks like Kerry might win. One final power grab, and a recipe for Kerry to accomplish nothing in office.