Wednesday, May 12, 2004


For the record, I watched the Berg video and was totally disgusted. But, I felt it was important to see, in the same way the torture photos are important to see. Both instances visually embody the indescribable mess our country now finds itself in. A cycle of violence so horrific it would be almost unimaginable if it weren't for the internet and the mass proliferation of digital cameras.

And the answer to this is not "bomb the fuck out of them". We saw how well that worked in Fallujah, and it was wrong, too. Just like the top brass in the military are trying to blame the torture on a select few, this instance was obviously the case of a few horrible individuals. We can't blame the Berg murder on the whole country of Iraq. You can be sure that the people of Iraq are equally outraged by this event as well.

The best thing we can do has been said a thousand times, we need to interantionalize the effort as soon as possible. This war was lost the minute the torture pictures surfaced. The US has lost all credibility to build anything resembling a stable country. Not that I think the sociopaths in this administration are gonna do that, they went in by themselves, they fucked it up by themselves, and they're gonna wallow in this shit hole by themselves. They have fucked things up so badly, that even if another country wanted to help us they couldn't...

I don't want to turn this into another rant about the Dipshit Administration, we've got plenty of those around here, I just saw the video last night and felt I had to write something. What a world they've created.