Friday, May 14, 2004

Follow Up

While I agree with Sheebur about how distasteful the KNRK segment was, I think we're missing a larger point. Right wing radio hosts all over the country continually broadcast crap as bad or worse than this. Just take a listen to Michael Savage sometime, and we all know about Rush's latest comments. Does anything happen to them? Does Michael Powell ever let them know that they crossed the line? Of course not, because the right wing hosts, as nasty as they can be, will never question this administration, even acting as back door propaganda. By being so nasty they even serve to make members of this administration seem like moderates.

And what purpose do two local hacks serve? Not much, but do I think they should have been fired? Not if that means there are two standards for judging decency on the airways. I am not going to be outraged at one case of indecency, while countless others go unpunished, just because of the power they serve.