Friday, May 21, 2004

"Waingroh from Chino, you're on the air"

Larry King interviewed former Texas Governor (and past victim of the Rove slime machine) Ann Richards last night, and besides her usual good sense of humor, she plugged us bloggers:

The interesting thing about our times that are different than they have been before, and this whole prison scandal proves it, is that with the Internet, you can't keep any secrets anymore. You can't have the collaborative process that it takes to hide stuff, because it's all out there on the Internet. I heard tonight on television that they had a worse prison over at the airport in Baghdad than the one where all of these photographs occurred. And we had that on the Internet from bloggers weeks ago.

So I think what's happening is that the mainstream press begins to pick up that stuff from the Internet, regardless of its source, and then slowly check it out, and then it becomes a mainstream news story.

Shout out to Al Gore for making blogging possible with his neat invention.