Friday, May 21, 2004

Fun for the Whole Family

Bush Family Quiz:
How well do you know your Bushes?

Sample Questions:
1. When did W. first run for public office? Who was his major backer?
W. Ran for Congress in 1978, backed by Enron and employees. See also this article for list of Bush backers and what Enron wanted from W. as president. Though Enron itself was formed from two oil companies in 1985, W. claimed at the time, "There's no such thing as being too closely aligned with the oil industry in West Texas."

2. Texas law mandates that gubernatorial records be placed in a state archive subject to Texas's stringent Public Information Act. What has happened to the papers of Gov. Bush?
He put them in his father's Presidential library, out of reach of public.

3. Where does W. have a brand, received as part of a frat initiation?
On his butt. "The resulting wounds only resembled 'a cigarette burn' claimed W."

4. After George W. Bush admitted he lied about his arrest record and 'fessed up to a conviction on drunken driving, what was his response to questions about other arrests?
This is a trick question. No reporter has asked W. about OTHER arrests or probed at all about his interesting new Texas drivers license number.

To take the full quiz go here.