Thursday, May 20, 2004

Not so Fast

U.S. Soldiers Raid Chalabi's Home in Iraq

This looks like a calculated move to raise Chalabi's standings with ordinary Iraqis, whom who has repeatedly polled in the single digits. A sort of neo-cons last ditch con with an end game to install Chalabi at a high position in The New Iraq.

Chalabi, who has visibly tried to create an alliance with al-Sistani, has been very critical of UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi's plan for post transition Iraq. It appeared his influence was on the decline in Washington, but most neo-cons never lost faith in Chalabi.

What better way to get Iraqis on Chalabi's side than to have the Americans start breathing down his neck. Along with the revelation that Chalabi's INC funding had been cutoff by congress, this looks like one of those maneuvers this administration has become famous for. One that ends in total failure.