Monday, August 23, 2004

What a Dud

When dubya came to Portland on Aug. 13, he was greeted at the airport by former Trailblazer Chris Dudley. Dudley, whose foundation helps children with insulin deficiency health problems, was honored to learn that Pres. Bush himself would present this year's Freedom Corps award to his foundation in person.

Dudley had to make special preparations to excuse himself from the final day of his Dudley Foundation camp; recording a video explaining to the kids that he couldn't be there because the President was recognizing them for a special award.

As it turns out, the only honor available that day was "getting" to be used as a photo opportunity by the Bushy camp. Karl Rove wanted a beloved local hero to meet the prez in town, so all the local media could print that special Kodak moment. They concocted the story about the presentation. Instead, expect 4-6 weeks delivery, probably C.O.D.