Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Jack McCoy would NEVER!!!
What about this isn't perjury?
Before recording the ad, French signed an affidavit that said: "I am able to swear, as I do hereby swear, that all facts and statements contained in this affidavit are true and correct and within my personal knowledge and belief..."

In an interview with The Oregonian newspaper last week, French said he relied on the accounts of three other veterans in making the statement about Kerry and did not personally witness the events. French did not return two messages left at his office Monday...

District Attorney John Foote released a statement Monday chiding French for bringing unwanted publicity to the suburban county's office, but stood by his employee.

"I do not personally share the opinions expressed by our prosecutor," Foote wrote. "However, all of our employees have the right to their own opinions on these subjects and to express their opinions on their own time."

Once he signed an affidavit the "right to his opinion" was replaced by an obligation (or legal requirement) to tell the truth. This guy is a D.A. He knows how it works. Someone please clarify: WHY ISN'T THIS PERJURY???? Adam Schiff would never let this fly.