Tuesday, June 22, 2004

October Surprise

It is inevitable that as meticulous as Karl Rove is, he will have the campaign plotted out to include one last October surprise to get voters hot for the Bush. Here's Waingroh's list of the Top 5 most likely possibilities:

5. Red Alert! The Terrorometer hits red for the first time, making anxious undecideds cower under Bush rhetoric; fearing that if Bush isn't re-elected, 9/11 2 (tm) will happen immediately.

4. We found Osama! Everyone rejoice, Osama has been captured and the War-on-terra (tm) is a continuing victory.

3. Photos of John Kerry released to Fox News proving that he is a homosexual flag-burning drug addict who has several black and latino kids out of wedlock and enjoys setting fire to the homeless and eating babies.

2. 10/11 - a terrorist attack, with incredibly useful political timing, strikes in the US, doing enough enough damage for Bush to declare a state of martial law and thus suspending national elections indefinitely.

1. Last, but not least probable, Diebold to the rescue. Kerry may win by millions of votes, but who could prove it? The Supreme Court votes down any attempt at a recount by a vote of 5-4, right on party lines.

Call it cynical, pessimist, or paranoid, but if the track record of calculated political moves from this band of thieves proves anything, it proves that you should expect the "shocking" to be anything but.