Monday, June 21, 2004

Hersh Strikes Again, pt. 2

A few more gems from Hersch's report:

A few days later, the Administration, rattled by the violence and the new intelligence, finally attempted to change its go-it-alone policy, and set June 30th as the date for the handover of sovereignty to an interim government, which would allow it to bring the United Nations into the process. “November was one year before the Presidential election,” a U.N. consultant who worked on Iraqi issues told me. “They panicked and decided to share the blame with the U.N. and the Iraqis.”

A former White House official depicted the Administration as eager—almost desperate—late this spring to install an acceptable new interim government in Iraq before President Bush’s declared June 30th deadline for the transfer of sovereignty. The Administration turned to Lakhdar Brahimi, the United Nations special envoy, to “put together something by June 30th—just something that could stand up” through the Presidential election, the former official said.

The Saban Center’s Flynt Leverett said of the transfer of sovereignty, “If it doesn’t work, there is no fallback—nothing.” The former senior American intelligence official told me, similarly, that “the neocons still think they can pull the rabbit out of the hat” in Iraq. “What’s the plan? They say, ‘We don’t need it. Democracy is strong enough. We’ll work it out.’”

Clear cut evidence that this Administration lives in a vacuum. Instead of spinning politics to defend their policies, Bush & co. actually create policies strictly for its political potential. Instead of making the real world fit to live in, the Bushies rape reality so that they can polish their image on Fox News . It is a bizarre reverse-thinking; I'm half expecting to see a worm hole open up and the good Spock & Kirk come back from the alternate universe to save us.