Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Man. I never imagined that Detroit would even be able to compete with LA, let alone, totally dominate them. Incredible.

I love how LA just quit in the 3rd quarter. This just shows how great a coach Larry Brown is. His strategy turned Phil's vaunted triangle in to a unrecognizable polygon.

I have mixed emotions about Rasheed getting a ring after all the shit he didn't do in Portland. But I hate LA so much, I had to root for the Pistons. The Lakers, to me, are the embodiment of the Republican Party in a sports franchise. All the money, all the players, all the power, arrogance, entitlement, and just about everything I hate about the GOP I hate about the Lakers. And The pistons look a lot like the Anybody But Bush Team. No stars, diverse backgrounds, everybody doing their part to defeat the evil force.

It's been a weird year, and who knows, we might be looking at another thrashing this November. For the good guys.