Wednesday, April 21, 2004

ABB All-Stars


In fact, there’s enough of these Hall of Fame lefty ABBers to field a team in an old-timers league. If hired to manage a lefty ABB old-timers team, I’d make Chomsky my ace starting pitcher, with Michael Parenti starting at catcher and batting leadoff since on occasion he still shows signs of his old firebrand self. Zinn, with his lanky frame, would fit well at first base. I’m not sure of his fielding ability so I’d stick Edward Herman at second base where his potential defensive weaknesses could be hidden. He had Tommy Lasorda as a tutor, so I’d pencil in Tom Hayden at the all-important shortstop position. (I can't imagine Hayden and Herman turning many double plays, though.) She turns 60 this summer so that makes Molly Ivins eligible for the old-timers league. I’d put her at third base and hope she still has enough pop to bat cleanup. I’d stick James Weinstein in right field, Victor Navasky in center and, in the hope that some of Fidel’s baseball acumen has rubbed off, I’d assign Saul Landau to left field. For my closer, I'd bring in Studs Terkel, with his 91 years of wisdom and optimism, to seal the victory.

Maybe we can get this team to Portland...