Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dr. J/O

Reader M writes in and asks:
...I guess you could say I'm a somewhat normal guy. I'd say my stroke frequency is regular, to very regular. But sometimes I go through periods where I can't beat it enough, which I guess is not that weird, but after a good clip, like 9-12 times I start to feel real guilty. I'm not really doin' anything wrong, I'm just yanking my crank. But I still feel guilty and shameful, Is this normal?????

First things first, lets get one thing straight, M, get rid of the idea that there is any kind normal j/o. If you do it, it (probably)is normal. I would suggest one thing though. When you're stroking upwards of 10 times a day I would imagine you're depleting valuable hormones and nutrients.

I believe it would be diagnosed as post j/o depression, the opposite would be post j/o euphoria. It's primarily a chemical imbalance caused by a little too much poppin' of the pete. If you are having this problem, and insist on beating it that much, I would recommend taking some supplements. It seems that some of the products used for distance can also be used for treating PJ/OD. I believe Peter North has a good one on the market, also you could try TT's new one, Load Maximizer.

I hope that helped, and keep those letters coming.