Monday, July 04, 2005


I was sucked once again into the gaping hole that is internet porn, and have barely had time to breathe, let alone blog.

I've wanted to get away from the whole political blog thing for a long time, cuz that's pretty much covered by guys a lot smarter than me, or at least a lot less of a life. It just gets kind of old. I still have strong beliefs, but reading and writing about the same shit everyday doesn't do much other than raise my blood pressure.

It seems the lefty blogs have become the equivalent of right-wing talk radio. A bit more intelligent and thoughtful, but only really serves the purpose of keeping the true believers frothing at the mouth. I mean, I know this administration is a bunch whipdickedfuckfaces, so can I go about my day now?

I've never really read any solutions, and the whole get behind the Democrats thing kind of makes me feel like a used up 3 dollar whore. Nobody really acknowledges that the 8 years of Clinton paved the way for these yahoos. It's not like there was a coup d'etat, it was a pretty seamless transition. Look around the world, other the civilians of Iraq and Afghanistan, life hasn't changed that much for the poor around the world, or even in this country for that matter.

Oh, well, I said I wanted to get away from politics. Which makes this the perfect opportunity to start the first masturbatory blog. Blogging all things autoerotic. The first tip will be on stroking with your left hand leaving your right free to point and click (or stick your finger up your ass, but that comes in chapter 8).

So pass it on, if you need help with your jerkin', or maybe your looking for more distance, if strokin' your beef is too inefficient, or you spend to much time playing with your Pete, I'm here to help. And ladies, don't be shy, you've always heard that no one can do it like a guy. Well, if you stick around here long enough you'll be able to pull yer ol' mans pud better than he can himself.

Ludis--- You Could Have the Best Nut of Your Life