Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Like or Not

F-letter is here to stay. I know some of the long time fans aren't to happy about a upstart-smartass getting contributor status, but I can assure you as time goes on you'll be even more pissed off. I am also in negotiations with infrequent, but effective commenter Hot Taco to join the Ludis team. He is currently demanding too much controll, but I think something can be worked out.
I know there have been rumblings about chemistry problems between F-letter and Waingroh, but I never could pass chemistry and I love a good online feud.
I need a number of contributers to keep the content fresh, because my job is about as blogging friendly as it is to be a homo in the Republican Party. And most of my time on the internets is spent looking at gay porn, so I'm just glad I'm not a Republican.