Monday, September 27, 2004

Uh...a couple of....wavy lines?

Like the 9/11 commissions, or anything that the Bush administration is frightened will expose them for the fragile-minded lying masochistic hypocrites they are, Bushy & co. wanted to skip one of the presidential debates. The second debate is to be held as a town hall meeting, with questions posed by an equal number of "soft" supporters of each candidate chosen by the Gallup Organization. No surprise there, what with the extreme lengths they go to on the campaign trail to make sure everyone in the audience is an oath-signing Bush lover. It would be great to see real people asking real questions to Bush's face on national TV (how hard do you think the RNC is working to infiltrate and taint the Gallup Organization's "soft" choices?)

However, both sides made an agreement to keep the number of debates at 3 - the first of which is this Thursday at 9 e.t. Of course, there had to be some special provisions:

In each debate, according to the agreement, "the candidates may not ask each other direct questions, but may ask rhetorical questions." Too bad. Hopefully that wil be different for the Vice Presidential debates (a.k.a. The People vs. Halliburton).

A senior Kerry source said the Bush campaign was "hung up" over whether a light or something audible like a buzzer would be used to tell the candidates when their time is up. A Bush official acknowledged that last-minute questions, mostly over the time cue issue, held up the agreement.

Classic. Howbout some electroshock therapy? Would that be enough stimulation? C'mon Bushy, which box is the banana in? ZZZZZZZZZZZ! Oooops, wrong AGAIN! No coke for you.