Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Vision does not ensure wisdom
My favorite quote so far from the convention was from President Clinton:
Their opponents will tell you to be afraid of John Kerry and John Edwards, because they won't stand up to the terrorists -- don't you believe it. Strength and wisdom are not conflicting values.

It's amusing to watch the GOP respond to that statement:
Republicans gathered at the GOP war room on Tuesday tried to pick apart a suggestion by former President Clinton that Kerry has the "strength and wisdom" to keep America safe.

"Part of wisdom is having a vision and being consistent with that vision," said Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman. "With Senator Kerry, we have seven different positions on his vote against the 87 billion dollars for Iraq.

Notice they bring up vision, not wisdom. Not really comparable in my mind... Name a dictator that had a vision and wasn't consistent with it... are they saying that consistency is a sign of wisdom? My dog shits in the same part of the yard every day. Now, as I've mention in the past, he is quite smart, but do I think he should run the country because he has a vision of shitting in the yard that he is consistent with, probably not.