Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The Daily Show
It started off making fun of the news... but now, as the news is SOOO bad, the Daily Show's spoof on the news, is actually better than the news...
TV critics vote for merit, message
Only television critics, for instance, would have conferred this year's prize for outstanding news and information programming to Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" — vaulting it over rivals like PBS' "Frontline" and ABC's "Nightline."

It was a decision made on both merit and message. As my cross-town rival, Melanie McFarland of the Post-Intelligencer, said when presenting the award, at a time when the mainstream media seem cowed, Jon Stewart and company embody "a core of truth."

The rest of the news media, as Ed Helms would say, "are a bunch of pussies."