Thursday, June 10, 2004

Bush Back on Blow

Waingroh got to watch Bushy's G8 "press conference" at lunch, and even though the TV sets here at Folsom aren't too great, it's obvious Drinky's back on blow. He was maniacally playing the crowd of brown nosing reporters, cracking "jokes" between every question. He couldn't wait to actually finish answering a question so he could get back to making the glad handers chuckle. At times he'd try to finish the reporter's questions before they were done asking, causing confusing backsteps and exposing his coked out anxiousness. He'd launch into animated rhetoric about Iraq, actually using terms like "In case you've forgotten about Saddam, let me tell how bad he was" (it's tough to forget since you point it out EVERY CHANCE YOU GET). Any questions about real topics, such as the torture memos, Cheney's investigation, etc. were met with one-sentence answers and a new reporter immediately being called:
"Frank (mhehe)."
"yes, Mr. President, what can you tell the American People when American Soldiers will be coming home?"
"When the job's done. Judy. (snicker)"

What an ass.