Monday, April 26, 2004

Kerry's Military Record

The recent attacks on Kerry's military record don't really deserve much of a response. It is just the classic right wing tactic of attacking your opponent on an issue that you are soft on. They do this for several reasons, first they are still worried that Dinky's "military" record will resurface again, second so they can get the headline on the news tickers, and finally because a good number of the idiots in this country will believe them.

Phase one backfired, attacking Kerry's actual service record. As boring as the guy can be, it turns out he was the guy they based most of the Rambo movies on.

Now they are going after his actions once he returned home. I still don't think this will resonate all that much, because it is still so easily compared to what Preznit Dinklips was doing at the time...
Hanging out with ambitious secretaries and doing lots of blow... Allegedly.